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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Irrational Beliefs and Challenges #9 of 13

Irrational Belief #9: I’m hungry and if I don’t eat right now, it will never end and I won’t be able to stand it.


  • If I don’t eat right now, I will continue to lose.
  • This one extra food will not really make me feel any better, but it will directly delay my goal.
  • The hunger I am feeling is a type of pain. It will fade if I can just wait a half hour. I’ll be able to make it.
  • The grumbling in my stomach, the empty feelings and the cravings for food mean I am losing weight.
  • This feeling is temporary, and if I can hold out just an hour or so it will be a major accomplishment!
  • This is the most difficult effort I will ever have to make, and it’s worth the doing!
  • What will it really do for me if I eat now? I will still want food but will have to work even harder to lose weight.
  • How will I feel if I give in to the pain? (Think back to the previous times when you have given in, during other weight-loss attempts).
  • Will my peers, friends and loved ones respect me if I give in to their sabotage or discouragement?
  • How will I feel if I hold out a bit longer?
  • If I’ve done it for a few days why can’t I do it for as long as it takes; how is now different?
  • When I feel like this I will delay eating for 15 minutes and see if I still feel the same way after that time.

Behaviors: Practice these challenges when you feel this way and identify which ones work best for you.

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