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Friday, May 22, 2009

Let's Get Started!

OK, let's start off with a popular but often difficult topic....weight. EVERYONE struggles with weight at some time in their life. Whether it is just a few pounds or several hundreds, people have weight issues.

It happens.

What tends to sabotage us is how we think about food, our diets, and our ability to lose. We are always talking to ourselves in some way. Try this: sit quietly for a while with your eyes closed. Then, for the next 30 seconds, try not to talk to yourself in your head. OK? GO!

So what happened? If you are like 99.9% of folks, you thought things like "I'm not talking to myself. Oh, crap! I'm thinking to myself! Stop it! Ok, starting NOW, I'm not talking to myself....wow, this is easy not talking to myself. Oh, CRAP!"

The point is we can't NOT talk to ourselves (my English-teacher brother would have a fit with my double negative there). We are ALWAYS talking to ourselves...basically, that's what our dreams are...us talking to ourselves in our dreams.

So it would make sense that we are always making comments to ourselves about our weight, how we look and how we perform. I'd guess that most people who struggle with weight, tell themselves negative things that tend to lead them into further negative behavior.

What follows is a series of beliefs some people have regarding their ability to lose weight. Then there are a few "challenges" to that particular belief. Finally, there is a behavior for you to do for a week or so, to change your irrational belief into a positive step toward health.

There are about 13 of them. Not all will apply to you. If you find one that does, one that seems to hit home, try out the challenges and behaviors for a week or so until you feel comfortable. Then see if there is another belief that fits you. Don't try to do more than one at a time.

Ready to make some changes? Let's GO!

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