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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Doormat is Too Nice

Nice guys finish last. ~ Leo Durocher

Some of us are habitually victims, doormats, "poor things." No matter what, we never say no. The more we practice being nice guys the less able we are to cope creatively. we place the blame, along with the responsibility, elsewhere.

James is a good example of this: He is well past fifty and has been divorce for 2o years. Yet he is still seeking sympathy for what his wife - and God - did to him all those years ago. He had inherited a sizable amount of money from his parents' estate and little by little his alcoholic, food-addicted wife managed to spend it all. It wasn't that he gave her the money or failed to manage the money himself. What happened was, he explained, she "just spent it all up! How could she do that?" The obvious, healthier question never occured to him: How could HE allow a sick person to eat up a small fortune?

The moral of the story is that being "too nice" isn't the real problem. What measures of irresponsibility have you been filing under other names?


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